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We get asked lots of questions, many of them are the same. You may have a few questions right now? See a few of the following answers, which may answer those questions right now…

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Why should we use Aerial Photography Pros?
Here are a few quick fire reasons:

  • We have multiple UK locations – we can get to you easily and cheaply
  • We offer a wide choice aircraft for your budget
  • We have a strong business background – we understand your needs better
  • We are CAA licensed professional pilots
  • We can offer the entire package – pre-production to post-production
  • We don’t charge for contact time with you
What weather can you fly in?
From a flying and data capture point of view, the finer the better! High pressure is a UAS pilots friend.

Rain is a no go – that pesky water gets into the electronics!

Wind is tricky – We can operate up to 15 MPH winds. Apart from dangerous flying, the strength of the wind can make your shots shake… this is difficult to remove, even for our post production experts!

Where can you fly?
We can pretty much fly anywhere. In built up or congested areas we would have to obtain permission from land owners and Air Traffic Control (but that’s for us to worry about).

We can however film over water, indoors, under trees, through tight(ish) spots – often your imagination is the limit.

For more information on the rules, please see the CAA website.

How high, far & long can you go?
We are able to fly to a maximum of 400 feet high and 500 meters away. We must always keep a visual line of site with the aircraft (nothing must get in the way).

We are however, working on getting more permissions to fly further and higher.

Generally speaking we offer around 8 – 18 minutes of flying time per battery. We have quite a few batteries, which can be recharged.

What happens when you arrive?
We will travel to the location where we will set up our kit: UAS, monitors, cameras and health & safety items.

An onsite briefing is then carried out to confirm your specific requirements. We also carry out a full health & safety check in accordance with the CAA’s guidelines. We can be ready to go within 20/30 minutes of arriving on site.

Once we are flying, we stream a live video to a monitor, which you and the camera operator can see, allowing easy discussion and modification regarding the types of shots that are required.

Our aircraft can fly and film for between 8-18 minutes (depending on the weather) per battery. We then land and replace the battery (approx. 2 minutes turn around).

We have enough batteries for continual flight but we will need a power point to charge them. If no power point is available, we can bring a small generator with us.

Once flying and filming is complete, the footage is then transferred onto a hard drive, ready to upload to the desired devices.

For information on how we work, click here.

What information do we need from clients?
Before we arrive on location to carry out any work we need to discuss exactly what you need. As well as this we will ask you a set of health & safety related questions so that we know exactly what to expect when we show up. This also helps us determine what permissions we require to operate at the location.

We also need you to inform all people who will be onsite that we will be flying in the area – we bring signage and posters with us on the day, but if people know we are going to be there it really helps.

Everything else is taken care by us. Our team are fully qualified RPQs, CAA approved pilots, and will obtain all the necessary permissions from the varying sources to ensure unmanned aerial work can be carried out.

All we need to do then is hope for good weather…

What cameras do you use?
We offer two cameras, which are fixed onto two different aircraft:

  • The GoPro Hero 4 Black – Films in Ultra HD 4K and up to 240 frames per second. This camera is used with the DJI Phantom 2 aircraft
  • The Lumix GH4 – This DSLR camera provides incredible Ultra HD 4K videos and stunningly high resolution images. This camera is used with our heavier lifting, DJI s900

Both cameras are top of the range, capable of producing you amazing footage.

Can you offer post-production / editing?
We certainly can! We have produced hundreds of marketing videos that have featured on Cinema, TV and the Internet.

Our post-production team are experts and are certified AVID Media Composer and Creative Cloud Users. We also edit on the very latest software and hardware – so you know you’re getting the very best.

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