Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The following terms & conditions represent the various services, applications and competitions run by Aerial Photography Pros.

General T&Cs

  1. Aerial Photography Pros requires a minimum of 30% non-refundable deposit for work to take place
  2. Aerial Photography Pros has the right to cancel any work on the grounds of health & safety or weather limitations are beyond aircraft capabilities – if possible alternative dates will be scheduled
  3. The decision to fly is solely that of the Aerial Photography Pros pilot – if they deem it too dangerous to operate, then the flight is cancelled or postponed
  4. The copyright for footage (“images and/or videos”) is the property of the client. However, Aerial Photography Pros maintains the right to use the footage for their own brand promotion
  5. Footage will be transferred to the client upon receiving the final payment for work
  6. The delivery method of the footage will be internet file transfer
  7. Aerial Photography Pros will always operate within the legal guidelines stipulated by the Civil Aviation Authority
  8. Clients have the duty of informing other stakeholders and members of the public of aerial work in operation before Aerial Photography Pros is on location

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